What is SmartRetia?

SmartRetia is a technological platform for integration, analysis, management, interaction and visualization of multiple information sources.

Advantages of using SmartRetia

Application Environments

SmartRetia is the perfect platform for security management in critical infrastructures and any kind of system.

Its analytical skills and data visualization makes it a powerful solution for Business Intelligence.

It is well suited for its incorporation within the Smart Cities model, enabling public administration to implement responsible and civic policies.

SmartRetia allows maximization of user experience in all business environments, as may be the case for fields like tourism, aeronautics, energy, finance, etc.

The integration possibilities join real-time monitoring processes, thus making SmartRetia the perfect platform for supervising and controlling any kind of facility or environment.

How is SmartRetia like?

Moduls structure. Components and functions.


SmartRetia is a new paradigm in terms of flexibility and interoperability, allowing simultaneous connection with a multitude of different data sources. This makes it a tremendously dynamic platform, adaptable to any environment and situation, and highly scalable, adapting to the needs of each client in a particular way.

Application Scenarios

Energy sector

Supervision and operation of drilling platforms, power plants, solar plants, etc.

Airport sector

Supervision of facilities, optimization of the allocation of resources. Perimeter security. Real-time information about aircrafts and passengers.

Judicial and Penal System Sector

Security, supervision of CCTV footings, camera control, access control, access control, presence control. Incident management, supervision of infrastructures.

Logistic Sector

Facilities management, incident control, reduction of losses, fleet management. Route optimization and real-time tracking.

Defense and National Security Sector

Assets control, optimization of assignments. Facilities management, incident control, access control and quick response.

Hotel and Catering Sector

Value-added services for the customer’s experience and management of the hotel and catering infrastructures.

Education Sector

Access control, monitoring of facilities, quick response to related incidents.

Socio-Health Sector

Infrastructures incident monitoring, Monitoring of Staff. Quick response to enhance decision making.

SCADA Systems

SCADA Systems Management for Supervision, Controlling And Data Acquisition.

Control and command centers

Supervision and operation of control centers in any type of sector.

Corporate Security

Monitoring of alarms, intrusion, video analytics, perimeter control, etc.

Construction and Engineering

Access control, security incident management, asset management and geolocation, sensor monitoring.

Smart Cities

Monitoring of lighting, rain sensors, gas, presence, parking. Geographical representation of sensory and analytical data in real time.

Critical infrastructures

Handling of findings of access, operation and security in critical infrastructures. Monitoring of internal and external areas.

Production environments

Business Intelligence to optimize production environments, factories, industrial facilities. Management and visualization of the sensor system.

Public Administration and places with a high concentration of population

Citizen information points, interactive stands, information services at shopping centers, stations, amusement parks, etc.