Smart Room

From last century’s copper to fiber. From analogue to digital. This is the path to be followed by the hotels of the 21st Century.

SAMPOL Digital is presenting the Smart Room concept. “In such a room, guests can make themselves at home”. This is not yet a reality where hotel connectivity is concerned. The experience that users can enjoy at home (Smart TV, Gaming, Netflix, 100 Mb Wi-Fi, etc.) is far better than what hotels are offering.

What’s being offered is a positive experience for the client, called “concealed convenience”; it can’t be seen or heard, but it can be felt.


Turnkey Projects 360º

Why Optical Fiber?

Hotels must set themselves apart from their competitors by offering customised services, offering swift and precision connectivity, which also makes their business more profitable.

New technologies create new sources of income and enhance profitability: pay-as-you-go applications, leisure orientated services (Smart TV, Gaming, Netflix, Wi-Fi, audio streaming, etc.), Internet of Things, etc.

RETiA FTTR Benefits

Application Scenarios