Huawei distinguishes its key partners with this prestigious award.

More than 500 partners attended the Wetern Europe Partner Summit in Huawei, where SAMPOL was elected Solution Partner of the year 2018 with its GPON solution for hotels. During the summit, which was held in Amsterdam on 15 and 16 March under the theme “Together, we we win”, further details of Huawei’s partner programme were presented and the channel’s strategy for boosting win-win opportunities was strengthened.

At this Summit, Huawei’s key partners are recognized with the prestigious “Partner of the Year” awards for their outstanding contribution to the development of Huawei’s partner ecosystem and to companies in the European Channel. Specifically, SAMPOL was awarded the best solution of the year. Under the slogan: “Everything you need in a fiber optic yarn”, SAMPOL offers the latest in fiber optic telecommunications access technology to bring services (Wifi, TV, telephony, Internet of Things…) to the hotel room, a new concept of connected room based on fiber optics.

SAMPOL has more than 15,000 hotel rooms connected by GPON fiber optics between Europe and the Caribbean, figures that position it as a leader in the implementation of this technology internationally.

For SAMPOL this tribute represents an award for the work carried out in recent years with its partner Huawei, offering the latest in telecommunications access technology based on fiber optics in hotels, hospitals, offices.

SAMPOL Digital is the technological integrator that has been developing projects and services in the field of telecommunications, automation and software within the SAMPOL group for more than 20 years. This group of Spanish capital has more than 80 years of experience developing applied engineering projects in more than 17 countries around the world. At present, the diversification of the business and its commitment to innovation have enabled the SAMPOL group to achieve a turnover of around 150 million euros.